Google Apps Backup

All Your Bases Covered

Microdium’s backup is compatible with all G Suite / Google App plans, and allows you to manage multiple domains from a single Microdium Backup account. Our Google Apps backup service includes data from all of Google’s wide range of apps, including Mail, Drive, Classic Sites, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Chats.  Use our 15 day Free Trial.

Changes to the Lineup

By enabling Microdium to automatically detect new users, we can add new team members to the system and ensure their data is backed up from day 1 on the job. Prefer a hands-on approach? Microdium  makes it easy to manually add, delete and manage your users and their data backup preferences.

We’re In It For the Long Haul

So you want to save it all and you want to keep it forever? No problem. Our Google Apps backup provides both unlimited storage and unlimited retention of your daily archives.

Stay in the Loop

Need an easy way to keep track of your complete G Suite Backup activity? We’ll send you a daily report that includes both an overview and a more extensive summary of your backup activity.

Restored & Ready to Go

Our GSuite backup restore process is non-destructive, allowing you to recover data without overwriting existing information. Drill down through backups by date or keyword search to quickly locate and recover individual items, or restore an entire mailbox, calendar, etc., for a complete point-in-time recovery. You can easily export archived data for local access in industry-standard formats (EML, VCF and ICS) or in the Outlook compatible PST format.

Free 14 Days Trial